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Just A Random Rant
so past few days, i had a talk with a friend. that are recently married. and i asked her, is it good to be married?

and the timing maybe were not perfect. she said that she was sad.

she missed her dad.

there were some things that happened and it makes her started to compare on how good her life is when she lived with her dad.

*i'll just passed on what happened. protecting their privacy.*

and the point is, actually it got me thinking, did a guy actually have a deep thought about this? about how big your responsible was when you asked a father for their daughter to be yours? to care and loved nearly as much as the fathers love their daughter throughout their lives?

that was a really huge thing. i know that you will never win competing with a father,but at least,try your best. a girl literally left her family to be with you. make her feel good. build a new 'home' with her and dont make her feel alone. :)

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