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Sorry for Existing

Being so so ignorant that I've actually hurting everybody that I love without even noticing that they were hurting. 

I feel bad for existing. I am sorry.

#Driftless 15

have you ever been in a condition where you don't like to communicate with a specific human being for no reason? 

cause i have. and i feel bad about it. but i cant control. 

#Driftless 15

dan aku adalah seseorang di sebalik wujudnya setiap lagu lagu patah hati.

I've moved on, isn't it?

so today i've doubt myself whether or not i am perfectly in a cool steps moving away from my past. 

#Driftless 14

do you remember the song that was playing the night we met?

no, but I remember every song I have heard since you left.

------ Lang Leav.       

#Driftless 13

there is a line between you and me.

what if there is no chance for us to cross that particular line?

and fate just let us see each other through it, not by crossing it?

There's No Love in The Air

there's no love in the air.


they were there,

but it is no longer for me. 

no wonder, recently, the air feels different. 

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